20 things we have learned from the dynamism of Social Media

20 things we have learned from the dynamism of Social Media

Dynamism of the social media and vertiginous growth of the penetration of the social phenomenon in our habits and customs which, analyzed from a perspective more linked to the economy and, taking into account the debacle of the systems through which we are currently moving, has placed us before a new historical moment in which societies must accept the change and proceed to its reinvention.

Social Media is not just a phenomenon linked to marketing and companies. The social phenomenon represents a new way of life. New productive units formed in efficient communities and in permanent search for opportunities and needs of others.

Entrepreneurship, online business, brand building, influence, online reputation, quality of content and the ability to demonstrate perseverance, commitment and honesty are key today to talk about successful companies. What lessons has social media left us during this cycle that begins its maturation process?

  • The way in which we perceive changes is crucial for survival
  • The productive processes increase in direct relation with the growth and penetration of the permanent and global connectivity
  • Creating a company is today one of the most complex actions that exists, the amount of areas and elements that must interact in a cohesive way to achieve what is defined as “customer satisfaction” is of such magnitude that only through the creation of teams of efficient work, growth can be achieved through actions in social media.
  • Effortless production today does not exist . Productive models based on speculation have ceased to have value today, or we can show how competitive our “values” can become, or social media will expel us forever from paradise
  • The new company is increasingly focused on the outsourcing of specialized and complex services, which are entrusted to other influences built from talent.
  • The creative process is the engine of social brands . The ability to maintain innovation, creativity and quality levels, make a competitive difference that has undeniable benefits for brands. Creativity today brings us closer to ROI!
  • Openness to lifelong learning is no longer an option . Brands have the responsibility to “train” their clients, internal and external, but also, they have to be able to learn from their mistakes and accept that what the other needs is the reason for their company. All an exercise!
  • Social action is simply indispensable to form links from knowledge and mutual recognition.
  • The possibilities to train and train us in specific areas of our market or industry are there, within the reach of a click . The classification of “expert” or “talent” is only possible if we are able to demonstrate our evolution. We must always form, that’s where our influence is built!
  • Social relations are not easy , this is where the main challenge of the social phenomenon lies, the ability of brands to adapt to the complex and intangible processes derived from human relations, marks an essential competitive advantage in the search for the emotions of the customers.
  • The hierarchies have died . Today the work teams are formed through the union of talents, the leaders of yesteryear are leaders and trainers today.
  • Similarly, organizational charts structurally modify their paradigms . Today, maximum power does not imply knowledge.
  • The key to success is today in the brands that are able to establish a connection between what they say and what they do , it is in the “doing” where lies the development and consolidation of a solid and constantly growing productive model.
  • The traditional company has ceased to exist. Delegate and trust are today, forced actions for the creation of teams.
  • The more connectivity, the more opportunities for growth . What does not require much more explanation, adding knowledge we become stronger.
  • Traditional advertising and television, will go the way towards the social at the hand of a profound change of paradigms derived from the cultural transformation through which we transit.
  • Co-creation is the central axis of growth. Only through it do we create the virtuous circle of innovation, from which arise new products, processes, tools, functionalities, etc.)
  • Social media allows us to grow, only if we work hard and honestly . The brands that seek rapid growth, obtaining an exact ROI and an increase in their final sales figures, are doomed to failure, today, being social implies having a long-term time horizon in which what we build, is our influence.
  • The company is only to serve a need . Gone are concepts such as speculation and immediate benefits, with the only thing we speculate today, is the trial and error through which we seek to impact the emotions of our customers. The benefits, like relationships, are built in the long term.
  • Finally, the social media has placed us before our great capital sins, we are and can not deny it, envious, greedy, proud, liars, lazy, etc., which results in a loss of opportunities and efficiency in the processes that we can not afford . The machines made their process of humanization, although now they demand in return that we commit ourselves, really, with the growth.

One more to finish … let’s not be vain, we always need something to learn, we should always be able to listen, we always have to put ourselves in the place of the other … social media seeks us for our virtues, we already know what happens when they leave our sins”!

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