Social Media, a matter of approaches!

Social Media, a matter of approaches!

Although Social Media is something new in its form, but not in its content or in its essence, since the main objective pursued is to create conversation and dialogue (and that is not new) although this is done using the new rhinoceros channels, like everything, is a matter of approaches.

There are a lot of aspects in which social professionals can focus on when doing our work in the Media, since Social Media is something very interdisciplinary, as evidenced, among other things, by the work of the Community Manager, whose tasks and characteristics include a thousand and one publications.

It is for this reason that, with the emergence of the new media have appeared different professions with different ways of seeing the Social, although all direct their efforts mainly to the same: create conversation and community.

We are all different from each other, we have different ways of seeing life, and, therefore, to do things differently and each has its own way of fighting for its objectives.

This can also be transferred to the field of Social Media, finding a clear example in the different professional profiles, since each of them focuses on a facet, on a different aspect of the Social ecosystem, using different tactics to achieve its objective.

The analyst, for example, sees Social Media as a set of data and statistics that he must interpret. For him the important thing, I suppose, since I’m not an analyst, is how many users visit our website or blog, what is the percentage of recurring users, demographic data, and all the efforts made are aimed at increasing those numbers. Therefore, for the analyst Social Media is quantifiable one hundred percent. There is no doubt that this is a fundamental aspect, since it is the result of our work.

On the other hand, the Social Media Strategist is the brain of the operation. It is who defines all the steps to take when having a presence in Social Networks: where to be, how to be, who to address, what to measure, what to publish … Your job is to tie all the ends well, without leaving any loose. Therefore, we can conclude that for this professional Social Media is work, study, analysis and planning, aspects without which, on the other hand, we could not subsist in this digital world.

Other very relevant figures in this social network are two roles that are not yet well established in companies, perhaps because of the belief that their role can be played by the same Community Manager. I speak of the Content Manager and the Content Curator.

They are not the same or fulfill the same function, although sometimes, they can be confused: the Content Curator is in charge of locating the most interesting and relevant information, at the same time as appropriate to the editorial line of the company, so that, subsequently, can be disseminated and viralized by the Community Manager. The Content Manager is the one who manages and supervises all the written supports produced in the brand or company, from the posts that will be published to the announcements made to promote themselves. Therefore, we can conclude that for these professionals Social Media is quality content: the web and Social Networks is a great “library” where value is created and located.

Finally, let’s talk about the Community Manager. The Community must have a broader focus, due to the large number of tasks it must perform, but, given that its main task is more social than anything else, the vision of the Community Manager is social. For him Social Networks are people interconnected with each other who share experiences, experiences, information … The social dimension of the Media is what predominates for him, since he is in charge of talking face to face with his audience and making them arrive the relevant information, thus getting the community involved with the brand we represent.

What do you think? What other approaches can be given to Social Media?

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