Only 10.57% of visits come from paid links

According to a report elaborated by Netsuus, more than 89% of the visits to the e-commerce web pages that are carried out from the search engines originate from organic links. Put in reverse, only 10.57% of visits come from paid links

Netsuus, online market analysis company, has developed a study on visits to e-commerce web pages that come from search engines, which shows that only 10.57% of these come from links of paid or sponsored. Thus, 89.43% correspond to links of organic or natural type, that is, the links that are offered in the results of the different searches.

To prepare the report, Netsuus analyzed about a thousand websites in September, divided into seven categories, from the Purchasing and Classifieds sectors. The seven categories analyzed are Food; Comparators; Books, Music and Video Games; Toys; Online stores; Classifieds; and Computers and Electronics.

In all categories, organic links are clearly imposed on those that are paid or sponsored. Thus, in the pages of electronic commerce specialized in Food, 98.68% of the visits of the search engines come from natural links, compared to 1.32% of those paid. This average is similar in the categories of comparators and books, music and videogames, and is shortened in computers and electronics, with 74.81% for organic links and 25.19%.

In addition to this study, Netsuus has also made a statistics report in the online newspaper in September, which analyzes the visits of Internet users from to the web during this period. After its completion, Netsuus has compared its results with those offered by OJD, the audience measurement company that obtains its data directly from the El Mundo website. Netsuus, on the other hand, obtains them from a sample of Internet users in from the ISPs. After comparing the results of the two reports, Netsuus has found that practically the same conclusions emerge from both studies. The objective was precisely to demonstrate the accuracy and reliability of the Netsuus measurement system, based on ATAS technology.

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