These essentials will help you to run a better haulage firm

These essentials will help you to run a better haulage firm

One of the fastest growing industries worldwide is haulage, but to run a successful company that stays profitable, it requires knowledge and skill, as well as good drivers with a professional approach.

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Haulage company owners are contracted by suppliers, and therefore they should be interested in their client’s business. They should see themselves as part of their clients’ success and treat their cargo with care and respect. All drivers working for haulage firms should be trained to understand that the company’s clients are also business partners.


Always ensure you have secured contracts in place before investing in a new haulage business, as you don’t want to start your business with debts which will see you struggle to survive.
Always plan your budget and have a financial forecast which is realistic and achievable.


Make sure you have an experienced manager in place who has the skills to manage the business and work across all areas including the paperwork, legalities, staff and maintenance of vehicles.

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Without marketing, no one will know about your business, so ensure you allow a marketing budget and plan any advertising effectively and efficiently.

Trade unions and haulage associations

Research relevant associations and unions to join, as this will offer you support for your business, new contacts and potentially, new business.

Lorry drivers are facing new rules and regulations when Brexit takes place and roads such as the M20 in Kent will be introducing new parking lanes to avoid congestion.


Unfortunately, the haulage industry does have a reputation for having some untrustworthy drivers. Investing in tracking features will give you peace of mind and help you monitor speed limits and fuel usage.

Make sure your vehicles are serviced regularly and add additional safety features, including Chapter 8 Chevrons from companies such as


Motivate your drivers with incentives and make sure they feel valued. As with all industries, employees like to be told when they are doing a good job, but also made aware of under performance. Ensure discipline procedures are in place for bad driving and poor conduct.


Check your insurance is adequate and covers all eventualities and buy from a reputable firm that specialises in your industry.

Grow your business

Plan to increase your fleet at regular intervals and invest your profits back into your business.

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