How to protect your business from crime

How to protect your business from crime

Businesses of all kinds are vulnerable to crime and it is essential that the workplace is secure and not an open invitation to opportunistic thieves. There are some simple ways in which you can increase the security levels of your business.

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Before looking at these additional systems you should conduct a security audit of your business and check all of the locks on the windows and doors of your premises. If you find any broken or perhaps want to upgrade your locks then you should contact Locksafe Dublin Locksmith to come and update or fix your existing locks. A Locksmith In Dublin can also advise you on the system systems to help protect your business from crime.

Use a monitored alarm system

The vast majority of break-ins occur when there is no alarm, as a monitored alarm system is one of the most effective deterrents against intruders. This type of alarm system will place an emergency call to the police via a mobile phone, landline or internet connection when a threat is detected.

Secure valuables

If you must keep money on site, ensure you use a burglar-proof safe and deposit any cash into a bank as soon as possible. Secure other valuables; for example, computers and laptops can be secured with cable locks that are similar to bike locks and important documents can be stored in locked cabinets.

Use effective lighting

Most burglaries take place when it is dark. Good exterior lighting is an effective deterrent and can help occupiers to see anyone who is approaching the premises at night time. The most popular form of security lighting is motion activated and will light up when an intruder enters the area.

Install CCTV

CCTV can be a valuable tool but it won’t necessarily prevent a crime from occurring, as many thieves will keep out of camera shot or cover their faces. Monitored CCTV can be more effective. Once triggered the monitor station will be able to view your premises and, if necessary, alert the police.

Use the services of a security company

For enhanced protection many businesses choose to outsource their security.Security guards can maintain security, help to prevent crime, and assist customers who are visiting the premises.

Most burglaries can be prevented with adequate foresight and planning. Workplaces often contain valuable items, from computers and laptops to cash and legal documents. Having security measures in place will help to protect your assets and could help to reduce your insurance premiums.

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