Major web design errors to avoid in 2019

Major web design errors to avoid in 2019

Building a website is perhaps the most important step that a modern business can take to establish itself. And whether you are seeking a web design Cumbria based company or any  other part of the country, getting the design of a site right from day one is essential.

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Of course the path to producing a lucrative site is strewn with obstacles, so by understanding the errors that can be made it should be easier to avoid them. Here are the main web design mishaps you will want to learn from without committing yourself.

Poor Mobile Optimisation

Having a mobile-friendly website is not only necessary to please customers, but also as an SEO strategy. And with Google altering algorithms to shift what determines mobile friendliness on a weekly basis, failing to keep up can leave businesses floundering.

Experts at firms will be able to advise on the best way to approach mobile optimisation, although for most sites it will be necessary to embrace responsive design so that pages can automatically adapt to any device, no matter its screen size or browser software.

Lengthy Page Load Times

Like any other in the UK, Cumbria web design companies want to ensure that web pages don’t have a lengthy load time. This is to make sure that prospective customers to websites don’t get frustrated and not use the site simply for having to wait too long.The speed at which a page loads has a massive impact on the way a site performs in terms of conversions and revenue generation. And with near universal broadband availability in the UK, user expectations are higher than ever, so even a delay of a few milliseconds can be hard to tolerate.

Properly optimised pages should take one or two seconds to load on a quick connection, with anything of four seconds or more likely to result in a visitor becoming disenchanted and closing the tab before loading has even completed. And since even Wikipedia has continued to improve page load times to enable sub-1 second access to information, there is no reason why businesses cannot be similarly stringent in their quest for quickness.

Cut out large images, embedded media content and any other data-intensive item to streamline a site and boost load speeds significantly.

Cluttered Interface Elements

Even if a site achieves a solid search rank and loads quickly, visitors may baulk at going any further if the interface is not up to scratch. This not only applies to things like menus, but also to the way content is organised on the page, so do not tolerate messiness in terms of design.

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