Shocking facts about Electricity

Every day, we turned on switches and don’t give much thought to where that power comes from or how it functions. Electricity is one of Earth’s most incredibly versatile resources and yet we always are so used to it, we hardly even notice it. Surprisingly, we have only been using it for a little over a hundred years!

Here are some remarkable facts about electricity:

  1. Electricity moves at a speed of 6.696 million miles per hour.
  2. Electricity has an important part to play in how your heart works. The cells in the heart muscle contract by electricity that travels through the human body. Electrocardiogram machines can be seen in hospitals and are used to calculate the electricity passing through the heart of a patient, which shows as a line blip for each heartbeat.

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  1. What is a Volt? A volt is a unit used to calculate electrical force, measuring the strength of a current’s potential. For any electrical work you need, consider an Electrician Essex at a site like SM Electrical, a leading Electrician Essex.
  2. Can you believe that an average lightning bolt contains a whopping 100 million volts?
  3. Tasers are used by the police forces of the world and they emit a surprising 50,000 volts!

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  1. Static electricity can emit up to 3,000 volts.
  2. The electric eel has been known to make strong shocks over 500 volts.
  3. The very first electric vehicle works built in the early 1891 by an inventor in the US called William Morrison.
  4. Contrary to popular belief, not Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity, but he proved that lightning is a form of electricity.

Thanks to the invention of the lightning rod revolutionary in the 18th century, electricity is better understood than before.

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