What does a family law solicitor do?

When it comes to working with a  Family Law Solicitors Gloucester way there are a number of different processes and legal advice that they can help you with. These individuals are experienced in being able to help people through the difficult times of a relationship breakdown. Here are some of the ways in which they can help couples in this situation.

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Children – when children are affected by a couple who have decided to separate it can cause extra anxiety and high emotions for the couple. A family law solicitor will sympathetically help both parties to achieve the best outcome for the children. This can include joint residence orders, contact orders and other mechanisms that the couple will need to put in place.

Divorce – the legal proceedings behind this can be very bewildering and a family law solicitor will be adept at being able to simplify this for couples and to find the best process forwards for each individual couple. They will guide their client through the process and help them to achieve the best outcome.

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Family mediation – where difficulties have arisen in a relationship family mediation may be the first step in trying to get the relationship back on track rather than it ending. By providing a formal setting where issues can be discussed and compromises found, this can in some cases prevent a couple from divorcing or separating permanently.

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