How to maintain your industrial machinery

Industrial machinery must work hard, and thus, requires constant maintenance to keep everything working effectively and efficiently. Large, heavy machinery such as those used in mining, agriculture and heavy industry must be kept in prime condition to avoid costly downtime and to ensure safety. Here are some tips to keep the big machines running:

Do not ignore the training of machine operators

A machine is only as good as the person or persons controlling it. The main priority must always be the correct and safe use of any part of the machinery. Inspections should be carried out as soon as the machine is obtained, and operator training commence as soon as possible. Training should also be an ongoing activity, as the operator may change, the skills become lazy or corroded over time and improper use can result in damage to the machine.

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A contributing factor in engine damage includes high temperature, excessive friction, age, vibration and shock. Over time, the belt will warp, the seals will crack and bolts loosen, for example. Performing routine maintenance checks will identify signs of wear as soon as possible, allowing you to take care of the necessary replacement in good time. For important parts like a Spiral Duct, visit a site like

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Do not forget to lubricate

Machines often require lubrication to reduce friction around moving parts. Adding a lubricant often on a regular schedule of maintenance will help to extend the life of your machine. Make sure the lubricant used is correct for the machine. You can do this by checking with what the manufacturer recommends.

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