E-learning has a new experience with the introduction of tablet

E-learning has a new experience with the introduction of tablet

Events such as Emerging Display Technologies has revealed an information from the behavior of the consumers that in the future years it is believed that the tablets will completely rule the market evacuating pc and notebook from the market by the year 2016. The comment made by Microsoft was more hostile as they said that the tablets will wipe out the market of PC by the next year. The media and news survey reports that already in the gadget shops there is more number of customers for mobile than PC.

We all know that PC has been a great help in the field of education. But in the present situation, it is seen that student will have to depend on the tablet for its benefits over PC. And the day is not too far when the professor of the college will see, the students are doing their work with just few tapping and no more clicks on the notebook.


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How e-learning is helpful through tablet?

The e-learning and training sessions widely vary. Because it purely depends on the student’s requirements. For example, in case of some video tutorials, the tablet can be used easily without any complication. But in case of downloading heavy amount of software, for chat and quizzes tablet is not a good choice.

Many learning based software is not supported in the tablet. There many applications which are required to be installed on the tablet in order to support those features. For adding all the features the memory of the tablet should be expanded. Whereas in case of PC and notebook all these features are already installed in it. And this is where the tablet is lagging behind.

Though all those features can be installed in the tablet soon and it can be used by the students. And overall the tablet has many advantages over the notebook.

But in case of business, specifically for the IT department the tablet is not the perfect gadget.

The issues where the Tablet is facing a major Problem:

Tablet does not support major flash display applications. And it is very important application in the learning field. So tablet needs to overcome this hurdle soon.

Many students are not expert in handling the device and many finds it difficult to use it. In short it is not user friendly. The touch screen facility should be upgraded and it should be made more users friendly for the young generation.

The Cost of the tablet should also be set in a rational way because students would switch to tablet from PC/notebook for better experience. And if they don’t get the fruitful result after spending so much on money on it, it will be unjustified.

So still many new features required to be added in the tablet. And this can be expected soon.

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