Fire safety: being prepared

Fire safety: being prepared

From simple widely-available fire alarms to Plumis Automist Bristol installations, there are many options when it comes to fire prevention and safety; however, it is not always possible for even the most cautious and conscientious person to completely prevent fires starting.

While preventing fire is obviously your first step, it can also pay to have a plan in place in case a fire should start in your home.

Keep calm

This is easier said than done and it is not something you can easily practice until a fire does break out; nonetheless, perfectly sensible and intelligent people can do bizarre and potentially dangerous things in a crisis if they panic. It is important that you keep as calm as you can if a fire breaks out − the more you appreciate this fact, the more likely you are to put it into practice when the time comes.

Be careful with doors

If a fire has spread significantly in your home, doors are something to be wary of. Handles can become hot enough to burn your hands to the touch, so protect yourself with any cloth you can lay your hands on. Be aware that opening doors connecting to rooms that contain a significant blaze can cause the fire to flare up dangerously due to the increased airflow, so avoid this unless it is completely necessary for your escape.

Have an escape route

Unless the blaze is small enough to be smothered or − if you have one − put out with a fire extinguisher, you should calmly leave your property and let the fire brigade deal with it. Make sure you know how you will be able to get out. In properties such as flats there may be only one practical exit, which could be a real problem if the fire blocks off a choke point that you need to travel through. You may want to consult an Automist installer such as to find out how an installation could help to keep your escape route clear.

Call the professionals

Obviously you will want to call the fire brigade. If the blaze is fairly, small you may be able to call before leaving the property; however, if you are in even the slightest amount of doubt about your own safety, leave first and call the fire brigade from outside the building using a mobile phone.

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