Put an SEO in your life

Google offers more than 3 billion daily queries from users in 180 or more countries around the globe: this means at least 35,000 queries every second. Approximately 70% of consumers first search the internet before visiting a local company or restaurant.

As Internet users are bombarded with more information than ever, those websites that have a strategy for their search engine rankings are the ones chosen by users. 

Internet is consolidated as a platform to develop as a complement to off-line media. With this data, do not you think it is necessary to put a SEO in your life? Can you do without having a good web positioning? Can you allow your competition to take advantage of all these advantages? 

If you are not willing to lose territory and make a leap forward with your company, you need to get down to work. The advantages of putting an SEO in your life are many, and are complemented with what in a certain moment your company brings about the knowledge of your customers and your market.

  • Objectivity: The Internet does not get rid of the topic by which things are clearer from the outside. From the very basics that is advice on keywords. On many occasions, we see very general keywords or with a double meaning that produce erroneous search results and bad experience for the user.
  • Technical knowledge: The Internet is open to the whole world with sufficient open source tools to achieve “being” at zero cost, however the knowledge to optimize those resources and obtain optimal results require professionals in the sector. An example: If you had a free operating room: would you operate on an appendix yourself? , so?
  • Optimization of the tasks performed: As a good connoisseur of your company, no one better than you know what surrounds you, the characteristics of your market and your customers. An internet professional knows how to optimize the contents of your company to get better results, it is up to date with the factors that are crucial for you to be visible.

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