Continues to increase the satisfaction of consumers and online shoppers

That is the conclusion that reveals a new research developed by ForeSee in the United Kingdom and that shows that online shoppers were more satisfied with their shopping experiences during the last year. Experience that according to the analysis continues to increase markedly.

The study found that these consumers found four fundamental factors working very well: functionality, price, product and content, which allowed the overall level of satisfaction to increase this year. On a scale of 100 points, the level of satisfaction was raised to 73.

On the other hand, retailers that meet consumer demands are likely to achieve a higher return on their investment (ROI), and even a large increase in sales. Of the 10,000 users surveyed, 61% said they would return to a retailer’s website if they were satisfied with the service offered, while 42% said they were very likely to make a purchase on it again.

“Our research demonstrates how important the impact of the online commerce channel is in the business in general,” said Larry Freed, president of ForeSee. “One of the best ways to increase the impact is to improve customer satisfaction, as it translates into increased sales, improved loyalty and positive feedback and also more word of mouth recommendations.”

In the list of the top 40 retailers, the first place was taken by, which got 85 points out of 100, followed by, with 82 points, while in third place there was a tie between Play .com and, both with 80 points.

This trend and the degree of satisfaction of consumers and online buyers is also beginning to be detected in other European countries. In addition, the use of social networks and devices such as the current tablets are also helping to raise the level of consumer satisfaction in the purchasing process, even surpassing that of Smartphones users.

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