20 Reasons why a client feels passion for our business or company

20 Reasons why a client feels passion for our business or company

In the market situation we are in, the need to be “loved” by our customers is considered very necessary. This, which implies the exclusive behavior of human beings, is transferable to the relationship to be established with our client from a commercial perspective in order to achieve outstanding competitiveness. 

The love of our customers and their passion for our business or company we will achieve respecting those reasons why we will love, these are paramount in that goal of being loved:

  • That your company loves the customer (corresponded love)
  • Generosity in its relationship with the client (this generosity is ultimately translated into profitability for the company). Be patient to achieve the love of the client. Do not be selfish and think only about your organization
  • That their products are gifts that fit the tastes of the customer
  • This product is important, but it is much more, the magic that is able to create around that product, so that the client feels attracted by his acquisition (this is diametrically the opposite of deceiving the client)
  • The more you think, customized, customized, adapted, the product is for the client, the more the customer will love you. The more ingenious, novel, attractive, loving staging the process for the acquisition of the product or service (sales process), the better perception will generate in the client that “gift” that your company makes you
  • Establish objective information system that in real time knows the wishes of your client, as well as the evolution of the tastes of this (active listening organizative programs). Ask the client directly.
  • For a long time that you have a love relationship with your client, do not forget that there are always ways to surprise or otherwise said without pleasant surprises that relationship will lose strength and results, but above all do not forget that it is a client not make the mistake of treat it like a friend
  • That their workers also love the client (without this condition it is impossible to win the love of the client, so it will be necessary a development in terms of policies, strategies, actions and objectives in HR very oriented to treat the worker as an internal client of our company and consider the customer who acquires our products as our real boss)
  • The customer loyalty has to win, this will not look out what your company offers you inside. In the same way, your company must not betray your client with another of a different profile, not at least with the same brand (loyalty policies that match the one we want to love).
  • Your company has to be valued positively by the community (concern for RSC). Nobody will love you if you do not feel proud of your organization
  • Your client has to boast about your company, your company has to encourage behaviors that encourage you to continue talking about your organization from the satisfaction, with this you will have the best salespeople imagined on the street
  • Everything in your company must be oriented to generate love for the company in the clients (generation of value for the client)
  • Your company image must be to the liking of the client who loves you. It must be as the client would like it to be
  • Make sure that when you look for someone different so that you also love the company, that this new client does not generate jealousy and bewilderment in those who already love us, we can lose them
  • The world of feelings is complex and that of love more, so it is important to maintain continuously and as a final goal the spark that keeps that love alive
  • Fight hard to maintain that relationship with the client who loves you, although when you stop wanting why it has changed the client’s conditions or yours, do not insist that relationship was lost and we must be prepared to establish others of the same value and with the same premises but with other clients
  • All those who love him do not want him for the same, be able to maintain that value with each of his clients
  • A client to love his company must be sure of two things: one that deserves that love; the second that there is no one better than to love in the world
  • Do not be afraid to tell the client I LOVE YOU, that will tell you their behaviors towards him, in his dealings, in his problems, in his expectations
  • Remember, finally, that love is something that is given, that is not demanded. Your company will always be the weak part of the relationship, which is why you must be continuously alert so that the client decides to continue loving you.

All these reasons to ‘love us’ and feel passion for our business, are essential to establish a lasting relationship with the client, neglect any of it, or in the worst case ignore it, will undoubtedly assume that the maximum we aspire Obtaining from the client is a bit of affection, which will not mean a solid competitiveness in the markets at all. Without love there is no future

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