Half of the companies do not worry about optimizing the conversion of their shares online

More than half of companies (53%) spend only 5% of their budget to optimize the conversion and improve the results of their actions online. A fact that is less worrisome, since a slight improvement in this aspect can be of great benefit to the company. 

Half of the companies do not worry about optimizing the conversion of their shares onlineA reality that reflects the Adobe survey on optimization “Digital Marketing Optimization Survey Results” conducted to more than 1,800 marketers from North America, Europe and Asia; Where special emphasis is placed on areas where it is imperative to improve, such as user experience, personalization, customer service or mobile optimization.

In total, 86% of companies allocate at most 15% of their resources to activities related to optimization. Only 3% of marketers who participated in the survey recognize that they spend more than half of their budget to improve conversion. The study also shows that this trend has hardly changed since the previous year. It could even be said that it has fallen slightly, since the percentage of companies that allocate less than 5% in this area has risen from 48% to 53%, while The rest of segments has remained virtually unchanged.

It is hard to believe that companies are still not aware of the importance of striving to maximize their strategy, so it is not surprising that 35% of the brands surveyed register a conversion rate of less than 1%. Instead, figures show that optimization can be very profitable:

Adobe’s work indicates that companies that allocate 25% of their budget are twice as likely to improve their conversion. In addition, 16% of those who focus 25% of their marketing resources on optimization exceed 5% of the conversion.

Do you strive to improve the results of your actions online? Have you been able to check the results of your optimization work?

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