The MMA launches its new guide “Mobile Advertising Beyond the Online”

The MMA launches its new guide “Mobile Advertising Beyond the Online”

The Mobile Marketing Association or MMA, has just launched its  new guide Mobile Advertising. Beyond the Online,“a joint effort by several of its member companies that looks at how to make the most of mobile devices to build business and connect brands with consumers.

Under the new “ Beyond The Online  concept, the new MMA guide has started from a prior analysis of advertising formats on mobile devices to further expand the focus on ways in which brands, media agencies and creative agencies raise their Strategies in this support. In this process has seen how the usual cycle of defining a campaign has been distorted to reach a current situation in which the roles of different actors are intermingled and sometimes face errors in the design of campaigns.

street girl target phoneA process in which mobile media networks sometimes act as catalysts to help the media adapt to the new environment and advertisers to bring genuine actions to mobile devices, thereby optimizing the results and their investment.

Thus, the review of some of the most common problems in this process of adaptation to the mobile world, such as the lack of a clear definition of campaign objectives, or the fact of oversizing them, unviable creatives or “cut railroad tracks” , The lack of adaptation of the supports that have not yet made the leap to the mobile, the need for a more exhaustive work in measurement and the indisputable fact that users and consumers tend to move faster than the industry itself.

In this work, conceived as a practical guide for professionals who have to make decisions in marketing campaigns or to generate income in the media, MMA has advanced some of the trends that are becoming increasingly present in the Advertising strategies. These include: the irruption of the video; The development of formats in html5 ; The rise of performance campaigns that take advantage of the particularities of the mobile devices to connect in real time to consumers with the marks through the actions “click to …”; The geolocation ; Campaigns based on branded content ; and finally,

The guide “ Mobile Advertising. Beyond the Online “also presents a list of the standard advertising formats in the market, as well as examples of campaigns that can be a reference for professionals who want to plan their next actions on mobile devices. As a support, and as presented a few days ago, MMA launched through its partner Qustodian a study to know the perception of users of mobile advertising.

Among the most noteworthy conclusions, it is observed that more than 50% of the respondents consider the advertising displayed on the mobile to be very positive or positive, a percentage similar to the one considered to be very useful or usually useful. In the field of formats, the three preferred are videos, apps and text links, followed by QR codes, banner and games. This study, conducted on a sample of more than 1,000 users who habitually consume information on smartphone devices, also reveals the refusal of 2 out of 3 of them to pay for access to the content without advertising.

The study ends with an analysis of the brands most recognized by users in mobile marketing, where telecom operators, ecommerce companies or automotive brands top the ranks.

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