13 Marketing Ideas to Drive Your Small Business

13 Marketing Ideas to Drive Your Small Business

Today marketing has gained a significant weight in the development and success of a company and become one of the most important key virtually in every successful business. This is not unusual, in fact, a common product but with a great marketing can surpass a good product that is badly marketed. Large companies can dedicate a large amount of resources, both monetary and human, to create some new innovative business marketing ideas to improve the image of their products, which will surely become an increase in sales.

The small and medium enterprises (SMEs) cannot afford to spend large amounts of money to improve the marketing of their products, then what can they do to improve your results?

The answer is simple; we must continue to invest in innovative small business marketing methods that work. We can nourish ourselves with the ideas and tactics that big companies use to promote their products and adapt them to the capacities of our small business.

Here are some marketing ideas to boost your SME:

Differentiate yourself from the competition:

We can take the example of the big advertisers and the big brands to find something that distinguishes us from our competitors, once found the difference we will have to enhance it.

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The difference could be part of the motto in the marketing campaign.

Lean on other companies:

There may be companies that offer complementary services to ours to the same target audience. We will be able to realize strategic alliances in order to commercialize the services that will be offered to the clients together. This type of alliances can extend the scope of our company and reduce costs.

Segmenting the market:

Carrying out a good process of segmentation is fundamental if we want to attract the most valuable customers to us, we must select the right target for our product or service.

Explore new markets:

Today we can explore the possibility of exploiting new markets in an easy way through the internet. If we discover some interesting small business market for our products we can opt for the option online without incurring great costs.

Communicate with your customers:

Knowing what customers think about our products is fundamental if we want to know what we are doing well and what is not. With this we can better adapt the products to the needs of the customers.

Put your business on the web:

Companies in recent years have made the leap to the Internet seeing the potential that this offered. The advantages are many and we should not ignore them. We must activate services like Google Places so that people can find us and enhance our image through social networks.

Uses ordinary mail:

It seems to be outdated, but it still works. We can launch campaigns to specific clients through this medium and we should not rule it out.

Optimize your presence in the network:

Being on the internet is not only creating a website and letting it be. If we want to appear in the top positions of Google when potential customers look for some product that we can offer we will have to allocate resources to it. We will have to improve the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of our website, carry out a study of keywords; we must carry our social networks correctly, etc.

Take advantage of the email:

To keep in touch with our customers we can use the email. We can send special offers to each segment of customers, advice on uses of our products, or any other content that makes the customer go to our website and buy our product.

Put the phone number on the web:

It is important to put a phone number on our site so that customers can make any kind of inquiry or make a purchase. We can implement a button with the service “click to call” in which the customer can call directly by clicking on it from his mobile phone.

Have details with customers:

For example we can give something useful when the amount of the sale exceeds a certain amount. It does not have to be expensive, but it should be practical for our customers.

Being proactive and persistent:

Maybe everything can fail or we do not get the desired results at first, the question is to be perseverant and try to learn from what does not work and look for new solutions that allow us to improve the marketing of our company.

Get started:

To start with we can make a list of marketing ideas. We can include our own creative ideas, ideas that we have worked previously, ideas similar to those used by large companies, etc. We do not have to operate all at once; we will choose those that can work better. With those that fulfill our objectives we will follow and discard those that do not.

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