Interact with your fans or you’ll lose them forever

Interact with your fans or you’ll lose them forever

As social beings that we are, we found in social networks a new way of relating to us, although we all know that there are still people who do not want to join this new way of communication 2.0 that they look suspicious, possibly because they do not know about this medium.

When we share in the RRSS, we do it because we like to involve all our friends in the experiences we are experiencing. We show them photos of the place, we comment with them, we “envy them”, we indicate that “I like” this page of travel, hotel or activity in destination, etc, … that is, we interact with them and this is the Key: INTERACT.

When someone becomes a fan of your page, you are telling all your friends that you like them and that they want to communicate with you. That’s what networks are for, to generate that digital communication that grows and grows without stopping. Even so, we see how some companies have not realized that communication is not unidirectional but bidirectional.

Interact with your fans or you'll lose them foreverA new fan or follower of your company, it is a treasure that you must take care of and pamper every day and you must make the effort to know it and to know what it likes.

Reasons why our fans stay with us

Let’s discuss some of the reasons why our fans or followers can stay by our side and try to get to get that longed for loyalty:

  • For offering interesting content : if what you tell me bores me, I will abandon you, do not hesitate since I have many suitors.
  • For the offers and promotions we launch : we all like the discounts or contests where I have a prize in return. But we must keep in mind that we must use this in moderation and combined with other actions.
  • For fun : not only surf the internet looking for relevant information on a subject that interests us, but also use it to distract us for a while and have fun. A bit of laughter with you unites me more to you.
  • To know the new products and know more about this company : seduce your customers with this information and let them know that we are important, we do things and we like to tell them.
  • To express that I like your brand : that all my friends know and so I show my tastes and personality.
  • To interact with the brand and its customer service : it is a comfortable and easy way to do it, but we must always give a quick and effective response to our users.
  • Because one of my friends follows you : that means that, possibly, I am interested too, since on numerous occasions we share tastes and hobbies.

And remember, put all your effort into your fans, they are your great treasure.

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