How to Improve a Weak TV Signal

How to Improve a Weak TV Signal

If you have a weak TV signal, thankfully there are easy fixes available. For instance, try an antenna booster, install a masthead amplifier, or use an adjustable gain amplifier. However, if you’re dealing with a terrible signal, you should take more extreme measures.

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A high-quality antenna is the most obvious way to boost your reception. An aerial can be mounted on a chimney or outside on the roof. But the most vital signals are usually picked up at or near the top of a building. You can also install an aerial in a loft to improve your signal. To install the best one, use galvanized steel guy wires. Also, lock the guy wires down, so they don’t move in the wind. Find out more about TV aerial repair Gloucester by visiting

A masthead amplifier, or directional antenna, is also an option for those living in a multipath area. This device lets your TV select the best signal for each station. When paired with a digital tuner, the results are impressive.

The best TV signal is usually found high atop your house. Depending on the size of your building, you can benefit from a ten-foot or twelve-foot mast. Be careful, though, as this can cause problems with phase issues. Likewise, you should avoid installing an antenna where it is in contact with a wall or other object.

Another thing to consider is your transmission line. A worn-out transmission line can interfere with your signal and should be replaced at least every five years. Ensure the line is free of sharp bends, splices, or other obstructions that might interfere with its function. Ideally, the cable length should be the same, as a shorter run will produce a better picture.

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Similarly, you can only get a decent picture with a high-quality signal. While a high-quality antenna and a masthead amplifier might be sufficient for your location, you might need to upgrade your transmission line if you live in a bad signal area.

The best way to tell if your signal is strong enough is to test different locations. Try testing the aerial in the middle of your garage, on a pole in your backyard, or even atop the highest point on your property. You’ll need to move it to a location that yields the best results.

You can follow other tips and tricks to improve your signal, but the first and most obvious is finding a more robust antenna. That is the best route to take.

The signal is also improved by installing a preamplifier or distribution amplifier in the area. These devices amplify the signal to help it overcome signal loss due to splitters.

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