How to pass an Ofsted inspection

How to pass an Ofsted inspection

Ofsted inspections are not to be feared but to be proactively approached to benefit the school, the teachers, and of course, the students. Here are some of the factors that Ofsted focus on:

Learner Success Tracking

Each learner should have a measurable pathway for success that will evolve; evidence of this being recorded and acted upon is essential. Whether you use one-to-one sessions, questionnaires, surveys, or other interventions, every learner must have a visible record of distance travelled in terms of progress and success.

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Positivity about improvement

No organisation is perfect, so stay positive about areas flagged for improvement. Work on areas you feel nervous about inspectors seeing, and get them sorted for your students and staff. Be proactive and challenge areas lacking instead of resorting to blame or excuses. If one area suffering is the website, consider Primary School Websites from a site like

SEND provision

The need for high-quality special needs teaching is increasing all the time, so a school needs a vital provision. Ofsted is looking for the highest quality of learning and education to ensure the best possible outcomes for those with special educational needs.

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Be adaptive

The needs of your students will evolve, and as such, a school should be able to demonstrate how it develops its teaching in line with the learner. There should be a wide range of resources to support learners with a personalised approach. Initial assessments and learning plans are vital here.

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