Discovering the profile and tasks of the Social Media Manager

Discovering the profile and tasks of the Social Media Manager

As there are many companies that confuse these terms:  Community Manager  and  Social Media Manager, I will first make a brief description of each one, as they are very different.

The Social Media Manager is responsible for creating, introducing and leading a company’s strategy in social networks. In addition to being the strategist is responsible for designing presence in all social media. It has an overview of all the components of a strategy and knows how to apply it. It also takes control of the accounts and the interpretation of the metric reports to evaluate the ROI.

By order of hierarchy is the head of the Department of Social Media.

The Community Manager is the figure of the company that manages social networks, knows a lot about them and most importantly interacts and deals directly with users (fans, customers, followers) according to the goals set by the Social Media Manager. It is the one that deals with the online reputation of the brand.

Understood all this and cleared the doubts clarifying their most notable differences, we have to highlight what would be the main and most important tasks to be performed by the Social Media Manager in his professional routine.

  • Develop  market research to know the type of people who move in each social network, the interest of the same by the product or brand of the company, as well as trends, products and behavior of users.
  • Perform  audience segmentation.
  • Create a strategic plan that includes the appropriate Social Media Mix, the budget and objectives of social organization.
  • To devise the process of growth in the communities and to establish the actions that the Community Manager must carry out  in each of the chosen social networks.
  • Analyze the results  of the analytical reports delivered by the Community Manager and  interpret the effectiveness of the tactics that are being used and, if necessary, decide the changes that need to be made to optimize results.
  • Define campaigns  to carry out on social networks as well as tactics.
  • Be the  contact person of other departments  to coordinate and control the use of these means according to the defined strategy.
  • Mentalize all staff  on the importance of Social Media.
  • Lead a reputation crisis  and make decisions.
  • In charge of  carrying out viral campaigns and advertising  in social networks.

We recently approached these aspects from the position of Community Manager and for which we highlighted his incredible list of tasks and daily goals. Let’s imagine that list added to this one! However, and unfortunately, this happens a lot in Spain. It is very frequent to find job offers in which they request a Community Manager that does absolutely everything and for a salary of about “1000 gross monthly”. What injustice! How is your life!

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