Some Don’ts in Home Decorating

Some Don’ts in Home Decorating

Home decorating is one of the most troublesome things you have to go through in your life. Some people say that the decorating is “a regretting art” but when it turns to you, you always hope to avoid detours. Melody Home shares you some don’ts in home decorating.

Do not ignore the illuminate light

As to the illuminating light, every corner of every room can be used. Install different lights in different places can create different feelings in the whole space. Meanwhile, you may create different atmosphere by different lights such as romantic, relax and happy. Besides, the light modulator can count as a good choice.

Not recommend: only the lights on the top has the function of illuminating. This kind of idea is very old and traditional, especially for the dining room. If the light source is too close to the desk, it may affect your diet mood.

Some Don’ts in Home Decorating

Recommend: (1) to create warm atmosphere, you may install practical wall lamp on the wall for the kitchen and dining room. For the living room with large area, you may install drop-light on the top and floor lamp at the entrance of the room. When turn on all the lights, every corner of the room would have lights, which is very warm.

(2). the novel style drop-light and lamp can add interest for the space.

(3). the retro wall lamp on the background wall of the head of the bed can create low key but luxurious dream bedrooms.

Do not neglect the collocation situation for the later furniture

The home environment is a system. The effect can be perfectly expressed by coordinating all the elements in the visual range. Furniture normally ranks back the decorating. If you lack of decorating and furniture style skilled knowledge, it is easy to be disconnected for the furniture and home decorating style.

Recommend: for the people who know little about the decorating knowledge or want a perfect home, melody home suggest you use woody material for the appearance of the house and the furniture so that you will not worry about the disunity for the colors. And the home environment is natural and fresh.

Do not ignore the storage space considering the appearance

It is the frequent mistake made by the small and medium type housing owners. In fact, during the decorating, the function weighs heavier than the appearance. Only by reasonably take advantage of the every space, you will not waste the space and reach the aesthetic effect.

Recommend: (1). do the outstanding art style design for the wall so that the shelf can place lots of items.

(2). take advantage of the TV background wall, inlaying the bookcase as well as decorative case in it so that you can increase the storage ability. And the home will be beautiful and unique.

Do not hang the art works too high

Another common mistake in home decorating is that hang the art works too high. Please keep in mind that nobody is willing to raise their neck to enjoy your favorite art works. That is to say, it is essential to consider for others in home decorating. When hanging art works on the wall, the best height for it should around the direct level of people’s eyes.

Recommend: put the art decoration at the height which people can directly see by the eyes so that they can enjoy your works when looking into the mirror.

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