Looking Out for Mental Illness in the Workplace

Looking Out for Mental Illness in the Workplace

A workplace should be somewhere where you go to do your work but ensuring that people are comfortable and happy at work is important if you want a happy, healthy and productive working environment.

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Mental illness is something that many people struggle with, and this can make work, as well as many other things in life more difficult when trying to contend with poor mental health.

Having a workplace that is inclusive and supportive of those with a mental illness helps people to stay in work and to continue to live their life as fully as possible. Although mental illnesses need to be treated by a professional who specialises in mental illness, there are things that can be done in the workplace to support those who are struggling with mental illness.

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Looking out for signs of mental illness is something that everyone can do. If you notice any of these signs it could be a sign that someone is suffering with a mental illness:

Changes to their work itself, maybe they are struggling to concentrate or focus on tasks.

Changes in their attendance levels – they may be off sick more, or they may be getting to work late.

Changes in appearance – They might have stopped taking as much care of their appearance.

Changes in mood or behaviour – They may be more withdrawn or not get on as well as people that they have previously.

Mental health training courses are also a great resource and can help educate people on various mental illnesses.

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