How we generate electricity for our use.

Electricity is an essential part of our modern world. Without it life would be near impossible. We have come to rely on this invisible power source to drive and animate so many things in our home, it almost seems like magic. Therefore if you ever become unsure of your supply it might be an idea to have a back up in the shape of a Diesel Generator from Using Diesel to power a generator is just one way of getting electricity but for the most apart we use the following resources to get the turbines turning.

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  1. Coal. Once the primary source of fuel to create the steam for the turbines coal is now being phased out. It is a fossil fuel and contributes to global warming.
  2. Oil. Another fossil fuel and therefore not renewable. Oil is still used in large quantities but the plan is to also replace this with other means.

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  1. Nuclear Power. Hailed as the cheap and clean alternative that would fuel the modern world Nuclear power received a bad press following Three Mile Island, Windscale, Chernobyl and Fukushima.
  2. Hydroelectric power. Turbines are placed in Dams and moved by the force of the water flowing through.
  3. Wind. Large windmills turn the turbines within them.

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