The planning that goes into architecture.

Every building that you see, from the smallest shed to the tallest Skyscraper has one thing in common, they would all have been planned. We call this planning architecture and it is the job of the architect to plan out the design of the structure to make sure it is safe to use. Certain Architects even have a signature style. The Brutalist style that came out of the 1950’s used strong straight lines of concrete. On the other hand Frank Lloyd Wright tried to design a building that complemented and fitted into the landscape.

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It is also the same with the development of commercial buildings. The Architect will look to specific budgets and guidelines for what is required. This is especaiully true if a warehouse needs to have lots of space for the  provision of Boltless Shelving units like those available from

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The style of building that we have has changed enormously over the years. For example, wood was the primary material that the architect could use but as we began to use and work stone a whole new medium became open to them. The use of metal has meant that stronger, and more outlandish buildings can be constructed.

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