6 Essential metrics for managing your brand presence on facebook

6 Essential metrics for managing your brand presence on facebook

When managing our online presence in social networks such as facebook, it is important to take into account many aspects and to know in depth the most important indicators and metrics to analyze and use this information intelligently and strategically. To do this, E.Life Monitor, which specializes in monitoring and analysis of the life of brands in social networking company, we unveils guide mode, “6 essential metrics to manage the presence of our brand in Facebook”.

This small guide, created to help online reputation managers create even more detailed and relevant reports on the brands they manage on Facebook, has been developed keeping in mind the difficult task faced by those responsible for managing the brand. Image of an online brand.

6 Essential metrics for managing your brand presence on facebookIn order to draw a map that reflects the reputation of a brand on Facebook, it is essential to take into consideration these six parameters:

Engagement / Bonding

Engagement is a concept used to measure the bond of your fans with your brand. The greater the participation of the fans in a publication, the greater the bond and commitment that they have with your brand. FPP allows you to create a report and calculate the average engagement rate per post by calculating the total fan base for the page. This application takes into account two important aspects. First, the number of posts published on the page for a certain period of time, and secondly, what is the total number of fans that your page has at that time.

Follow the engagement of your posts (average engagement, the average participation) and the days that present greater engagement (Max. On). Investigate what you did that day to understand what generated greater interest and participation. Comparing your engagement with the competition is also very important.

Top Users

The “most active users” metric will help you identify who the most users interact with your brand, and discover when the greatest interactions have occurred. This application is very useful for when, for example, you launch a product and want to see its reception by users.

Detecting the most active users of your page and those of your competitors, can have several utilities. Its main function is to know a little better your most active users. What’s more, you must pay attention and identify who are the detractors of your brand, or on the contrary, who is a supporter and an advocate of it.

Talking About

This parameter analyzes what users are saying about us on the social network. It will help you understand the link of your brand in a wider context. All actions that have to do somehow to your page, inside and outside the fan page, are counted under “talking about” or “talking about”. The talking about measures what the fans and not the fans say. A novelty that introduces our tool is that we can compare the talking about both absolute numbers and relative numbers of two or more competitors, in relation to the previous period (day, month, year or any chosen period).


In “interactions” we measure the number of times whether daily, weekly or monthly that users have “talked / contacted” us. Basically there are three types of interactions “I like”, comments on your wall or in a foreign one, and the fact of sharing your post.

The more interactions your page has, the better. “I like” and shared posts are not always examples of good interactions with content published on your page. Comments can have a negative or positive background. Some consumers take advantage of your page posts to make negative comments or attract your attention to a product or service

Post Type / Post Types

The “post types” analyze how these interactions with your brand have been. They may have commented more or shared a link, shared your photo, or made a comment following one of your posts. If you want to go into detail, you can analyze what type of content your brand publishes and compare it with your company’s overall strategy.

“Post type” reports allow you to compare which content types are the most published. Maybe here is the secret of getting more involved / engaging or getting more talk about your brand above that of your competitor.


The “Fans” report provided by the FPP monitors the growth variation of the “like” page (number of fans). What most like to the marketing principals, are those reports that show the growth of the fans. This figure is important to understand what kind of audience your page could reach. That is, how many people can you reach directly with your publications. In addition, the tool allows you to make three different reports of fans that take into account: new fans, increase in fan percentages between periods of time, and finally, is able to analyze absolute values (This consists of an analysis of Fans in time, from the date that designs).

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