Digital Parents Launch to Catch Coupons and Online Discounts

Digital Parents Launch to Catch Coupons and Online Discounts

When we talk about mobile marketing, some practices that previously seemed reserved for mothers are seeing how parents begin to play an active role. A number of recent studies and surveys show how parents, and working mothers, are broadening their horizons.

Digital Parents Launch to Catch Coupons and Online DiscountsA Pew analysis last May showed that women were already the first economic support of American families in 40% of households with children. Another Pew study earlier this year noted that American men dedicate their children to more than three times as much time as their parents did to them in 1965.

And now, a Harris Interactive study shows that men can become the top “coupon cutters” in the mobile era.

It is only a study that we can not generalize, but the statistics make jump the “alarms”. Seven out of 10 “digital dads”, those with smartphones and children under 18, said they would be interested in having promotions on their smartphones.

Moreover, 58% said they had used a promotion or coupon they had received on their phones. And this group of people are very well connected, since in addition 55% of them have tablets.

Harris conducted his survey in the second week of May, interviewing 2,072 adults 18 years of age and older. The study was commissioned by Placecast, a marketing company specializing in ads based on geolocation, which shows a certain interest in the results, but still these are interesting and will have to be taken into account in the future to see the evolution.

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