Why incorporate a freelance consultant your marketing team?

Why incorporate a freelance consultant your marketing team?

Traditionally, when we think of freelance professionals we come to lawyers or architects head for example. Their markets are fully standardized and many freelancers able to generate a portfolio of own customers. The problem comes when this scenario moves to market digital marketing for example.

SMEs and startups sometimes choose to freelance professionals by necessity and because they are so convinced that cheapen costs (not always the case, depends on the price / time and cache each). For larger companies the brake is usually:

  • Thinking that you cannot tie so well data privacy.
  • When you think of a freelance, you fall into the mistake of thinking that there is less involvement.
  • The possible mistrust of the work carried out remotely.

Why incorporate a freelance consultant your marketing teamWhat can contribute to a consultant freelance marketing team?

To rebut these “brakes” I would like to provide some clues to believe that a professional freelance is a good complement to a marketing team:

  1. The implication is the person: There is a universal law that says a freelance is involved unless an internal worker. All this is a matter of attitude. Setting targets and timings are what determine the degree of involvement. In fact, a freelance tends to better optimize their time, not because it better professional but because it is his great asset and its only source of income.
  2. Provides greater specialization: A freelance consultant has to be visible in order to win projects. The best weapon is specialization. When businesses have access to this “background” it means them a boost in their strategies and a good complement to the talent they have hired.
  3. External view: This has happened to us all, when you’re watching the same project every day and closely your vision is “influenced” and “flawed”. It is unavoidable. When you insert a new profile, even a few hours a week, you can provide valuable new approaches for the company. Open the focus and validate strategies with foreign people is very healthy.
  4. The “evidence” is cheap: How much fire a worker hired a year ago? And a freelance? That said, try out cheaper for the company.
  5. The most digital tasks not required to be in person: Many companies still need to have their workers in a room but that does not guarantee productivity. Working by projects is an exercise inescapable transparency for all involved.

A common mistake is to think of integrity templates work 100% internal staff or freelance. In the combination is the grace to get the benefits of both forms of work.

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