Mobile Marketing: Local positioning is an almost obligatory priority for companies

Mobile Marketing: Local positioning is an almost obligatory priority for companies

The phone and mobile devices have generated great changes of paradigms and habits of consumers. That is why, it is important that companies are aware of these new customs and know how they should adapt to such changes.

The trend indicates that companies that mobile technologies were launched before, as the positioning of their local or offer major – websites have increased their level of growth and continue in the thoughts of buyers.

Mobile Marketing Local positioning is an almost obligatory priority for companiesA recent market survey by Econsultancy developed  Multichannel Retail Survey  reveals that 44% of owners of  smartphones by 32% in 2012- has used his mobile to find details about a trade, as the store outlet  nearest you or schedules opening of different establishments and businesses. But many companies do not yet take advantage of the growth opportunities offered by the presence in mobile citizens.

Some data Moments Mobile Search Study developed by Google also reveal that 40% of mobile searches are related or are related to the local level where the user performs queries. Consultations in case relate to different products or services are performed twice as often from within the stores themselves.

In addition, 3 out of 4 mobile searches performed, trigger other actions as more specific searches, a visit to the store, a phone call, a purchase or word of mouth sharing with others.

More than half of the actions or decisions that result are taken by mobile users and consumers themselves from the search from mobile (55%), take place in the next hour the starting time of the search, while the 81% happen within five hours.

The study also clears other issues after asking the users themselves, if they have used the phone to compare prices or to showrooming, ie, the practice of comparing prices with mobile within the store itself, in order to find the best offer within or outside it, in other similar establishments. The result indicates that 40% have used the latter purpose, a somewhat less than the 2012 figure, but twice that of 2011 (19%).

The threat of showrooming is something that companies and businesses should not ignore, because should take into account the interest and the tendency of buyers to resort to such practices. However, we have said repeatedly as other research highlights the different advantages of showrooming  against its drawbacks and how to turn this trend into a new opportunity. What is clear and clearly position itself in such channels, especially at the local level it is becoming an almost obligatory priority for companies.

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