What can the right industrial shelving do for you?

What can the right industrial shelving do for you?

The right shelving can unlock hidden spaces in you warehouse that you didn’t know you had. With the right planning, you can open up floor space and storage capacity. By optimizing the cubic space in your warehouse, you’ll have a positive effect on the bottom line, and with advice from shelving professionals, you can increase productivity as well.

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Pallet Storage

If your organization handles bulk goods on pallets, you may require a large number of pallets per unit. Another consideration is accessibility. Are you storing the pallets long-term, or does your warehouse demand high throughput? Once you’re clear about your requirements, you’ll be able to identify the right shelving system for your needs.

Long Span Shelving

Long span shelving is ideal for any application that requires high visibility of goods, like in supermarkets. Since it’s a hand loaded system, it also makes order picking easier. This type of shelving is generally heavy duty, easy to install and includes adjustable shelving.

Archive Storage

Shelving for archive storage needs to provide both space optimization and accessibility. Are you storing documents for historical purposes, or providing off site storage to business who may require access?

Art and Artifact Storage

If you’re in charge of storing works of art, like paintings, drawings, art collections, or artifacts that require special care, you’ll find yourself looking at very specific types of shelving. Art racks should be flexible, efficient and durable and they need to function well in a controlled atmosphere, as is often the case with delicate items.

Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving systems are intended for light to medium loads. Whether it’s documents, small parts, clothing or small tools, mobile shelving can optimize your current storage space and even create additional space. There are different systems, but they all have the same basic principle in common. Racks and cabinets are mounted on mobile bases, and with a crank, they can be moved together, allowing just one service aisle for easy access to everything. There are rail-bound systems and track free systems, and you can find them with either a crank drive or electric drive. This shelving solution will reduce the mount of floor space required for storage.

Long Product Storage

If you’re storing awkwardly shaped or unusually long items, like timer, carpet, piping, or extrusions, you need to look at cantilever racking systems that are specially suited to your needs.

Cold Storage

Cold storage presents its own particular problems that require storage density and maximum utilization. With the high cost for build and on-going temperature control per sq meter, the storage system needs to maximize the space and allow for efficiency.

Custom Made Shelving

If none of the above types of industrial shelving fit your exact requirements, many companies offer custom solutions to the problems of non-standard spaces. Whether you need shelving designed to hold the heaviest loads, or you’re storing office supplies, there’s shelving to fit your needs.

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