Practical to build a strong personal brand and consistent advice

Practical to build a strong personal brand and consistent advice

We have to become aware that we are moving in global digital environments. The write a resume, make a power-point in a timely manner or print a business card cannot be the only thing you do to work your image. Now might be someone who is tracking in Google or social networking sites to learn more about you and decide (according to information received) if you want to hire or ask a collaboration for example.

Our attitude in this regard should be active and coordinated so that we can control that information to find ourselves and give the right message aligned with our goals.

Practical to build a strong personal brand and consistent adviceBasic questions regarding our personal brand

Before developing anything, we should be able to answer some basic questions (among others):

– WHO I AM: What are my skills? And my passions? We must define our most significant features.

– I PERCEIVED AS I AM: Reputation I have in the time to start? What impression has my environment?

– WHAT I WANT TO ACHIEVE: In which market I want to locate? Define what I want to sell, if I want to hire me…

Tips to build your personal brand

1- Submit your value proposition: What can I bring to my hearing? Information services, “expertise” … You have to have something that people want from you. You will not get anything in return if first you have nothing to contribute. You must be able to solve a problem or provide information that your audience values.

2- Define your market / audience analysis: You can not begin to communicate with general messages. Well defines who you want to run, what type of user you want to follow you and interact with you and answer some questions: What particularities have this sector? What tone should I use? I can find them where? What kind of information value?

3- List of “Influencers” Locate the “authoritative voices” in your industry and the less delay to interact with them better. They are your guides at first (then already better marcarás your personality) .Fíjate in structure, content, design, tone, often you publish information … Try to learn everything you can about them.

4- Homogeneous image and consistent message: sure be in more than one medium. The image that you offer in a social network cannot be very different from a personal blog for example and messages you post must follow some guidelines themselves, yes you can change the pitch depending on context (it’s good to communicate differently on Facebook than in Twitter for example) but need to be consistent with the message.

5- Align your brand shares your interests, passions and skills: If you get in early you can communicate with many more strength and will connect better with your audience. It will also help you to be more consistent. If you transmit your passion on all channels you have much livestock.

6- Dot a personality and a touch “differentiator” your brand: power must be described easily and to understand what makes it different from the rest. It must be able to cause reactions in saturated hearing messages daily and if you’re not a little different with its own personality you can go unnoticed.

7- Vision: Treat your goals short and medium term. Where I want to be in 5 years? Visualize and define what separates you from the future scenario. That picture is that lets you set your strategy.Everything must be consistent to be able to realize that scenario.

8- Make a personal SWOT: We try to consider your weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities. SWOT + Vision = strategy. This equation is not 100% but will serve academic preliminary to draw your way shape.

9- Define the communication channels with your audience: Basically you have to decide what “going to goad squares”. The bet cannot be all; the message will dilute and lose strength.

10- Making awareness and definition of habits: Your personal brand is not static, you will have to feed it and renew it to eventually take the body: and can be with blog entries or active profile on Twitter. So you have to make some habits to be consistent and be conscious of adding value to go every day will be the best path to your goals.

In a first stage, these are the points to consider, what for you with the most important rabbits to build a solid and consistent personal brand?

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