How do the recommendations of the marks on the behavior of buyers?

How do the recommendations of the marks on the behavior of buyers?

The recommendations and suggestions online are an increasingly important when buying item. For customers are a way to improve your shopping experience, and strengthen decision making.

According to data from Metail, more than half of consumers (56%) was more willing to buy at that retailer to provide a personalized experience.This includes the proposed ideas and suggestions to suit their interests and preferences, as well as its historic shopping.

This customization positively affects 59% of consumers (Infosys). 90% of respondents say they follow these recommendations sporadically. Behavior that in 2008 affected only 77%. Such influence can also realize the additional purchase unplanned suggested products, or recommendations in their immediate environment.

How do the recommendations of the marks on the behavior of buyersContrary to what you might think, proposals and recommendations by brands not only affect the most loyal customers, but its influence extends generally. 1 in 6 buyers who are not considered related to a brand bought a product, following the suggestions of the retailer.

What are the advantages for consumers personalized recommendations?

Help customers discover products. 96% of customers expects the company to provide them with information on new products, and customized proposals.

Save time and effort in the process of buying , avoiding unnecessary distractions. Customers value their limited time and are not willing to invest in buying more than necessary. Your online experience leads them to be less and less patient . The average time of purchase has dropped 62 seconds in November, to 48 today.

Encourages additional / unplanned purchases, thereby raising the average amount of the order. According to Infosys, 77% of online customers have bought products that support had not anticipated, thanks to personalized recommendations provided by the retailer.

Improves customer experience with the brand. 74% of buyers can not avoid frustration when the company shows them purchase options not related to their interests and preferences.

Personalized recommendations help improve the brand experience , which translates into recommendations by customers; including more if possible, in the customer behavior. YouGov shows that 80% of US adults read reviews online before buying. A practice that is given regardless of age.

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