Peoples double their purchases through mobile phones this summer

Peoples double their purchases through mobile phones this summer

Privalia’s mobile sales data reflect that this year on Easter or Summer holidays sales double that of last year. So much so that at this time it is expected that up to half of its sales in this holiday season will be from smartphones and tablets, when the current rate is usually 35% mobile sales over the total and last year barely reached a fourth Part of total sales.

Recent studies place the penetration of smartphones above 50%. In the profile of more advanced users like the segment of online fashion buyers, 8 out of 10 people had a smart mobile terminal or a tablet. Of these, almost all (94%) of the younger segment owns one of these terminals, according to the study commissioned by Netquest.

Peoples double their purchases through mobile phones this summerIn terms of results, already in this month of July traffic figures in reach a peak of 70% in smartphones and tablets, surpassing a volume of mobile visits of over 10 million during these holiday dates. On the other hand, during the month of July has reached 50% of mobile sales ratio and it is expected that during the month of August this trend will be consolidated.


“It is a sum of factors: the purchase of any product by Internet has become popular, as well as smartphones and tablets. In addition, data networks have improved in coverage, quality and speed, especially in some holiday areas, which makes buying through mobile terminals an upward trend “, says Ferran Güell, Privalia’s Global Marketing Director. “Thanks to the explosion of mobility, where before we saw descents of visitors and visits resulting from vacation times, we now see that our customers continue to connect wherever they are. The phenomenon of m-commerce is fomenting a deseasonalization of the audience and allowing a good levels of demand even in vacations.”

“The peoples take advantage of the summer holidays and their greater free time to visit more fashion and accessories websites as well as the rest of ecommerce in general, and those that offer offers like us are the most greedy,” says Marta Jodar, Director Of Marketing of Privalia. “Since the opening hours of 7 am are sometimes unsustainable on holidays, this summer we have opted to open some sales at night, especially for those who access from mobile apps.”


Years ago ‘shopping on the beach’ was to get some souvenir of the paradises of the promenade. Now the concept has changed radically: fashion purchases, accessories and design items for the home are increasingly made from mobile phones and holiday time away from our PCs, with more free time and with the smartphone always at hand, Is the propitious to do so.

In fact, ‘not disconnecting’ has become a literal expression, since according to the latest survey conducted by Privalia 99% of people take their mobile terminals on vacation and increasingly spend more time connected in their hours of free time .


In recent years, the improvement of 3G and 4G data networks in beach areas has been one of the best innovations received in the tourist areas by users. In addition, some municipalities in different communities, such as Mallorca and the Valencian Community, offer free Wi-Fi service on beaches as a tourist attraction, which contributes to improving mobile shopping, among others.

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