Half of the local searches are already done through the mobile

Half of the local searches are already done through the mobile

It is estimated that there are 4 billion mobile phones in the world, of which 27% are smartphones. This means that mcommerce has more than 1 billion potential buyers. Users surf more than ever with their mobile. It is anticipated that in 2014 the internet surfing through the mobile will exceed that dedicated to the desktop computer. 

This implies a change in the user’s behavior on the internet. Mobile browsing involves the need to create optimized sites for these small smart screens, design mobile SEO strategies, and take advantage of geolocation and social marketing:

Half of the local searches are already done through the mobile. This device has become a valuable source of information, Which provides here and now both what we need and suggestions of what we can do in the place where we are. 

Mobile phones can encourage consumption, even within the store itself. Thanks to mobile tags and bidi codes, users can get a lot of information about the product in situ, as well as access offers in the form of coupons. 29% of users already use mobile tags for exclusive benefits.

Mobiles promote the socialization and consumption of social networks. Users check in, take photos of the products they are interested in, or anything that catches their attention and shares it. Social Media also serves to consult opinions of other users, and to expose their own doubts about products. They are a channel of fast and effective communication to which the users confer great importance and influences on their final decision of purchase. 

91% of American consumers access social networks through their smartphone, a practice that already exceeds the PCI, which only 79% of users access. They devote an average of 2.7 hours a day to the consultation of their social profiles, twice as much time devoted to an activity as necessary as eating, and a third of that devoted to sleep. One-third of Facebook users use their smartphone to stay in touch with their friends, a medium also used by half of the tweeters. As it could not be otherwise, women stand as the most active in social networks also through the mobile. Specifically the age group between 35 and 54 years. 

The smartphone is not only used when we are away from home, but also accompanies us in our most intimate environment. 86% of users have their cell phone in front while watching TV. As for the type of content most demanded by these mobile users, games occupy a preferred place for 61% of users, followed by the time query (55%). It is followed by leisure and entertainment, such as music (42%) and news (36%). Also worthy of special mention is the consumption of videos, an option chosen by 21% of smartphone owners; Not in vain, 200 million users of YouTube consume videos several times a day.

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