Smartphones and mobile devices, large consumer allies and e-commerce

Smartphones and mobile devices, large consumer allies and e-commerce

Recently reported that 6 out of 10 Britons could not live without it. These devices have even been able to create dependency among its users, generating a behavior similar to that which is suffered with alcohol or tobacco. This was demonstrated by a study by the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

However, its consumption is increasingly widespread among the population. 91% already have a mobile, and approximately 23% are smartphones. This device accompanies you in every aspect of everyday life, and has even positioned itself as an inseparable companion in one as usual as shopping. According to the latest report on mobile consumer behavior, more than 80% take it with them when shopping. Customers use their smartphone to expand product information, Compare prices and find the best deals. It has become the perfect ally to encourage engagement, even within the store itself. 1 in 5 consumers visit the web site of the store in which they are, which may encourage them to finalize the purchase physically, as well as buy other products that they had not planned, as indeed happens in 14% of cases.

Smartphones have become a very useful tool for retailers, who can develop geolocation actions to attract customers to their establishment. Keynote Competitive Research indicates that 88% of mobile users actively demand information about their local environment. Likewise, impulse sales strategies, based on coupons and QR codes can also encourage consumption. The Vibes study also shows that 27% of consumers spew out bidi codes.

Mobile devices help consumers make smarter buying decisions

A survey conducted jointly by Sybase 365, and the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), showed that mobile devices are increasingly playing a determining role in influencing consumer buying decisions both at the point of Sale as in each of the stages of the purchase process. The survey shows that the influence of the mobile on consumer buying behavior is much higher than it was a few years ago. As confirmed in the study, a large majority of respondents (87%) said they will use their mobile devices when making buying decisions over Christmas.

Mobile devices are an important reinforcement for online commerce

The mobile devices are an important reinforcement for online commerce, and especially for some sectors and types of products where in addition, offers and promotions play a determining role. Young people are more likely to shop online, they are more familiar with the technology. 62% of users between 18 and 34 recognize that they usually buy through their smartphone or tablet. Comfort is the main benefit that leads users to buy with their pocket displays, but also, according to Deloitte, the mobile will also serve to increase the volume of the shopping cart, says Deloitte, since the 70 % Of your users of these devices spend more than those who do not have it.

Young people fully hooked to their mobile terminals

A recent Performics study shows that 78% of social media users between the ages of 18 and 29 are almost completely dependent on their mobile phones, and 20% of them check within 5 Minutes after waking up.

The smartphone is definitely the new consumer ally, its inseparable companion and faithful squire. To reach their target audience, brands have to win over these smart devices, optimizing their content for the small screen, carrying out mobile advertising campaigns, or creating specific applications for this new environment, among others. What strategy do you follow to mobilize your brand?

Companies Are They Prepared?

A recent study developed by Google offered us important conclusions in this regard. Among them, note that 96% of users are daily with websites that are not designed for mobile. 78% want to find what they are looking for with just one click, and 61% of them leave a page if it is not optimized for their smartphone, so that a website optimized for mobile devices considerably expands our sales possibilities.

This aspect is what companies have to reinforce to a greater extent. The main step is to make sure your online store is perfectly optimized for these smart devices and then streamline the buying process to the maximum, eliminating unnecessary steps. It would also be advisable to consider the possibility of implementing payment methods that do not necessarily require the user’s bank details, as well as to promote the trust of the site online.

This is definitely a dead end. The future is mobile and businesses and businesses that operate through the online medium have to adapt.

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