The monitoring of social media, a challenge for companies and brands

The monitoring of social media, a challenge for companies and brands

The monitoring tools can help companies to track a deeper understanding of what their consumers are saying in the media and social networks

With more and more users in social networks and a greater effort of brands to increase their presence in these media, managing the flow of information becomes a challenge for the companies themselves.

The unstoppable growth of social networks and the large amount of information that users and consumers generate and share about brands, has led companies to begin to face an easy task. A fundamental aspect that companies can not ignore given the repercussions and collateral effects that can generate the most negative criticism of the consumers themselves, which also remain as permanent waste over time, that other users can find at any time.

An American Express report prepared last February, revealed how 46% of users and consumers surveyed had accessed the pages and profiles of companies in social networks to publicly and openly express their frustrations and bad experiences with the brands.

Undoubtedly, this accumulation of opinions, comments and negative rumors can generate a negative and significant impact on the brands and companies themselves, given that, in addition, this information is visible to the eyes of others, it moves faster than in traditional channels and It can exert a negative influence.

Now, this phenomenon acquires a greater dimension since companies do not have a single social profile, but maintain presence in multiple and different social networks, which evidently demands more control in the management of this information and is at the same time a challenge even greater.

It is essential for this, that companies have an action plan to deal with the rumors and complaints expressed by users and consumers. However, it is also important to become familiar with and have the necessary tools to detect and analyze those conversations where the brand is present beyond its own spaces in the different social networks. Of course both the management and the application of the different necessary measures require the integration of multidisciplinary teams inside or outside the company that can develop this work.

According to data from a Satmetrix company report, only 49% of companies surveyed worldwide actually perform an analysis and monitoring of conversations and comments on social networks, and 28% have not even started any type of tracking. Another important percentage does not know the most appropriate way to do it or what type of professionals or external companies can offer an efficient service to cover this front.

However, the evolution of social media and the continuing need for companies and brands to take care of their reputation and strengthen their presence on the Internet, has led to the birth of new tools, services and specialized companies that can help companies to monitor and analyze with a precise follow-up all the related activity in the different channels and social networks.

In Spain, companies such as Epsilontec, pioneers in the development of Digital Marketing solutions aimed at the media and social networks, have been able to detect all these needs and new scenarios in which brands require advanced and professional tools and services for an exhaustive analysis. and monitoring of companies in this type of media.

At that point where social networks have come to stay, companies and brands are obliged to use all available means to maintain their reputation intact, without ignoring what they say or can say the consumers themselves and detecting their perceptions and real needs to introduce the necessary changes and improvements to improve your experience and satisfaction.

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