F-commerce: online store and followers of a brand on the same platform as facebook

F-commerce: online store and followers of a brand on the same platform as facebook

A long time ago we read in many articles on e-commerce that companies that do not bet on selling their products online, would be out of the market.

According to figures presented by the CMT in the last quarter of 2010, e-commerce in our country experienced a growth of 21.4% over the same quarter of 2009 with a total of 100,051,561 transactions (34.8% more respect to 2009).

It is clear that e-commerce is not just another option, but a key strategy to improve the economic performance of companies, backed by a boiling sector that seems not to be touched by the crisis.

Another of the “Hashtags” most present in recent months is the role played by Social Media in the commercial work for companies and their ROI. A subject with very divided opinions, which is generating more than a headache.

Can a company really achieve direct ROI through a social media strategy?

Based on my experience and professional opinion, I think so, although this rule is not common to all companies and actions. We must not forget that the main reason why companies should invest in Social Media strategies, is to create a channel of direct communication with their consumers and users, through which they can resolve any doubt or incident at the same time. time to be informed of the latest developments and promotions of the brand.

But, what would happen if we join the followers of a brand with an online store on the same platform?

  • We would boost e-commerce to convert those fans into customers.
  • We would facilitate the compulsive purchase.
  • We would promote knowledge of the brand’s product catalog.
  • We would exponentially expand the number of conversions.

In many occasions, social platforms are extremely tight and do not allow the implementation of new features such as Twitter, but if we focus on Facebook the possibilities are multiplied and more knowing that:

  • Facebook has more than 500 million users worldwide and has 400 million unique visitors every month.
  • It is the 2nd most visited site in the world and the 3rd in Spain.
  • Only in our country users spend an average of 47 minutes a day.
  • 86% of Facebook users say they have interacted with a brand and 61% remember it.

The main idea is the integration or adaptation of an existing online store within a Facebook page, without users having to install any application being 100% accessible for any user.

In this way, brands take advantage of the critical mass of users available on their Facebook Fan Page and their communication actions can bring their followers to the products available in their online store, thus expanding the number of conversions in their Social Media strategies .

Undoubtedly, this is a clear example of how a company can monetize their social media strategy investments much faster.

Can you imagine what would happen if the textile brand “Zara”, which has almost 9.5 million followers, will implement a product like Facestoore in its Social Media strategy?

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