42% of Internet users would buy online if their preferred brands had an online store

92% of the respondents declare that the big brands should have an online store.

68% say that the first purchases they made on the Internet went to consolidated brands in the market.

Little by little big and well-known brands such as Zara or Pedro del Hierro are immersed in the online market, attracted by the exponential advance of sales through the Internet, serving other example companies. The electronic commerce portal conZumo.com has conducted a survey of Internet users in order to find out what their impressions are about the combination of brands-online store.

The first purchase that is made through the Internet is often accompanied by a certain degree of uncertainty and for that reason users often trust that first time brands already consolidated in the market, or so show the results obtained in the survey. 68% state that their first online purchase went to a company already known in the traditional market compared to 18% who did not give importance and 14% who do not remember.

The fact that a trade is popular or not in the market gives Internet users a certain degree of security when making a purchase through the network. 64% affirm that it is essential that the portal be known to decide to place an order, while for 22% they depend on the article that they are going to buy.

Following this trend, a blunt 92% of respondents think that large businesses should have an Internet presence through an online store. In addition, 8 out of 10 respondents believe that large companies that opt ​​for electronic commerce encourage and serve as a precedent to many others to start their journey online.

According to the results of the survey, many businesses should take into account the online market, since 42% affirm that they would buy regularly on the Internet if their preferred brands had a presence in the network.

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