Do consumers trust the products recommended by professionals?

Do consumers trust the products recommended by professionals?

According to a new study conducted by Nielsen among more than 29,000 consumers in 58 countries around the globe, Americans first, and Europeans later, seem to be the most immune consumers to professional recommendations on products or services. What are your buying habits.

Only 35% of Americans, and 51% of Europeans (slightly below the world average of 52%) rely on products recommended by professionals. By contrast, 64% in Latin America and the Middle East and Africa, and 56% in Asia-Pacific, are the most confident.

Do consumers trust the products recommended by professionalsAdditionally, only 1 of 4 Americans and Europeans, compared to 35% of the world average, recognize that they would buy through influence of third parties.

Europeans and Americans are also at the lowest levels (51%) when it comes to looking for information before making a purchase (compared to 63% worldwide), when comparing before deciding to buy (60% Europeans, 63% North American and 68% worldwide), or try before buying (47% North American, 51% European and 54% worldwide).

The disparity between continents is a reminder of the different cultural approach to shopping. But despite all the differences there is a common and constant element: the power of price. About 65% of the participants agree or strongly agree that the most important price when buying, with the regions between 64% the lowest and 67% the highest.

Similarly, responses in all regions agree that gifts are very attractive, as well as promotions and discounts. The consensus was distorted when buying in view of promotions in the store (28% in North America and 68% in Latin America).

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