Cirencester, gateway to the Cotswolds.

Located on the banks of the beautiful River Churn, the market town of Cirencester is the biggest in the Cotswolds and considered the gateway to this most scenic, popular tourist attraction.  With famous names such as the drummer, Cozy Powell, the poet, Pam Ayres, the retired jockey, Willie Carson, and the astronomer, Elizabeth Brown all being born in the town it certainly has a great people heritage. Besides the several buildings and architectural delights in Cirencester that should definitely be on anyone’s go and visit list, there are plenty of parks, green spaces, and water features to keep everybody amused and busy.  One of several majestic churches and religious buildings, the Perpendicular Gothic Porch on the stunning Church of St John the Baptist alongside its fan vaults found inside this place of worship, absolutely needs to be witnessed personally to appreciate its true beauty.

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Being an ideal commuter town for much larger areas of the country, Cirencester is easily reached whether you live in Stroud, Cheltenham, Gloucester, or Swindon. Professional Accountants Swindon, such as , trained architects, and talented artists are just three of the many career opportunities you could choose from if you lived and worked in Cirencester or chose to commute there. Only 80 miles west of London, with a population of only 19,000 Cirencester still has the traditional feel of a large village and remains genuine in its family appeal.  Cirencester’s Water Park is not only a thriving area for hundreds of water birds, but it also has many fabulous fishing spots that can be enjoyed and even has a small beach where children can play safely, supervised by adults, as they splash, laugh, and have fun in the sun.

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Having originally been named Corinium by The Romans, Cirencester has an interesting history to explore and the Corinium museum found there is well known for its interesting exhibits and is well worth a visit if you have an interest in this field of science.  There is an amphitheatre located in Cirencester which is one of the biggest earthwork remnants of the Roman era.  Boasting so many areas of interest and historical importance, Cirencester draws thousands of international and British tourists to its various attractions and locations every year. Who wouldn’t want to live, work, and bring up a young family in such a beautiful, rural location that is so close to larger, more diverse, multicultural towns and cities?

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