Ergonomic keyboard versus mechanical? In search of the desired productivity

Ergonomic keyboard versus mechanical? In search of the desired productivity

When you spend many hours a day in front of a keyboard, pecking code, writing, get to appreciate what gives you a good peripheral. After years of writing from a laptop, I finally decided to look for an external keyboard to improve typing speed and accuracy. But what is the best option, an ergonomic keyboard or a mechanical keyboard?

The truth is that after hearing rave about these latest gadgets I found one almost by accident. A computer that still had this type of keyboard, loud big, but great touch when the touch and feel a good response. Getting the speed was good, but not the position of the wrists and soon my speed decreased. Fatigue takes its toll here too.

Ergonomic keyboard versus mechanical But the final appearance that prompted me to do without this keyboard was the price, hovering around $ 100. Which he had passed through my hands had a PS2 connection, which did not serve me to connect to my laptop. Also, many times I take the night silence and tranquility to take work forward. It is what has to be autonomous, that you choose the times when you are more productive. This keyboard can be really scandalous in this nightlife. Many together in one space really very annoying.

The right choice for me was an ergonomic keyboard. My choice at this point was one of those manufactured by Microsoft. of which everyone spoke very well. And the truth has he has not let me down. In addition, to being a wireless keyboard, that can switch between the desktop and the laptop without problems. The position adopted wrist is really comfortable and very fast pulse rate, without your speed will suffer last time.

Sure there to spend a short period of adaptation to get the hang of the keyboard.Completely changed the writing position that had previously typing and you need to know to take advantage. However, the feel of the keys is very nice, smooth and quiet. The only drawback is that now the rest of keyboards seem to me really uncomfortable.

Sometimes a small investment in a tool that you end up using every day you can maximize your productivity practically without much effort. In most companies too much attention to these details is not given and the truth is that many could greatly improve the ability of their workers.

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