How many Twitter profiles really need a brand?

How many Twitter profiles really need a brand?

Brandwatch recent study reveals that brands can have more than 40 profiles on Twitter, each designed to as many types of apartments, offices, languages or needs of their consumers and customers.

The study indicates that the number of Twitter profiles of brands has increased substantially in the last three years: from 7 to 63 percent, and 28 percent in the past year.

How many Twitter profiles really need a brandThis dramatic increase must be due to something. After consideration of several brands of Twitter users, including Dell, shows that the most commonly used formula is to have a profile for each department or company. Dell has cited 44 accounts or different profiles, from the CEO to its corporate blog, Social Media team or program for suppliers to name four.

Ricardo Guerrero, responsible for the creation of the Dell Outlet Twitter Program indicates that this way of managing the company’s presence in Twitter enables consumers to contact what they want specifically less confusion or waste of time.

Most brands with numerous profiles of Twitter has a variety of accounts that allows customer loyalty, in addition to offering company news and information products more effectively.

“Having different accounts of Twitter makes more humane brand, as if the brand were a person on the other side, a specialist in solving the problems or needs that I have as a client,” says Gina Horton, marketing executive Brandwatch on its corporate blog. “This is a perfect example of how businesses are becoming increasingly social entities, consumers are no longer passive subjects of messages: participate in them and talk with business as if it were human beings.”

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