What do live-in carers actually do?

What do live-in carers actually do?

Ensuring that the needs of a loved one with a challenging health condition are being met can be a difficult undertaking. While residential care may be the ideal option for some, others prefer remaining in the comfort of their own homes. This is why live in care is an ideal choice for a family member or friend who wishes to maintain an independent lifestyle and receive the essential care that they need.

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What does live-in care provide?

Whether your loved one has dementia, Parkinson’s, or motor neurone disease (MND), home care companies can offer any assistance on daily tasks. These can include shopping, food preparation, personal care, or even companionship. Furthermore, carers can administer medications and carry out other clinical duties, such as blood sugar monitoring and managing catheters.

How are live-in carers chosen?

Live-in carers are often carefully selected from a list of candidates who not only have the professional qualifications but also posses a personable character, and they are known for carrying out their work in a precise and honourable manner. The chosen carers must demonstrate a commitment to helping others and maintain a level of patience, compassion and respect that is necessary for individuals who require special assistance. In addition, most home care specialists such as live in care Cornwall only accept carers who have been given excellent references and have had DBS or employment background checks.

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If you are looking for live in care Cornwall is home to a number of specialists giving vulnerable individuals the support they need.

Following the recruitment process, each carer is thoroughly trained to carry out the work that is required. The regulatory body for health and social care in England, the Care Quality Commission, also ensures that all live-in carer services have staff members who are properly trained and vetted. Most of the successful carers go on to complete their NVQ Level 2 Health and social care qualification. Live in care Cornwall also provides their carers with mandatory training in first aid, fire and health safety, protecting vulnerable adults, how to properly administer medication, comforting care, and the management of infections.

Live in care is the ideal choice for family members or friends who prefer staying in familiar surroundings while still getting the essential help that they need.

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