Great ways to make your home warmer

Great ways to make your home warmer

Keeping your home warm without spending extra cash is vital for budget-conscious householders, given the increase in the cost of living. Here are some simple tips to keep your home warm at minimal extra cost.

Draught-proof your home

Why not consider draught-proofing your home? This is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to save on your energy bills. When uncontrolled, a draught will let in cold air and allow heat to escape. You will save cash as well as making your home cosy and warm.

Insulate your walls to retain heat

Insulating can be carried out in a variety of ways. The first step is to ascertain the best method for your property. Once this has been identified, you can opt for the type of product that will help you get the best results. External and internal walls can be insulated.

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Insulate your pipes

Some of the advantages of insulating pipes include saving cash on energy costs by stopping the hot water pipes from losing heat. A further bonus is that insulation can lower your water-heating costs. There are several ways you can insulate your pipes including the use of foam sleeves. This is one of many measures to increase energy efficiency.

According to the Express, sealing the draughts with simple foam-style tape that you can find in any DIY store can cost roughly £1 or £2 per window or door.

Think about replacing your boiler

A new boiler is a smart buy for your home. If yours is worn or old, it will need replacing. Decide on the right type of boiler and look at the various brands on the market. Choose the right size for your home and select a professional who will install it. If you are looking for companies that offer boiler installation Cheltenham, specialists such as can help.

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Top up your loft insulation

Insulating your loft is an effective way of lowering your heating bill while maintaining the heat during the winter months. Even if you have existing insulation in your property, you can improve it by adding layers.

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