Creating an online game: where do you start?

Creating an online game: where do you start?

People of all ages line up in their millions to buy the latest game. But what a lot of people do not realise is how much online gaming has taken a stronghold in the industry.

Creating an online game

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If anything, online competitive gaming, with an internet-driven marketplace and a social atmosphere, has become the first port of call for modern day game developers. It is so big, in fact, that according to TechCrunch, the gaming industry has now become a huge target for cybercrime. However, if you do want to create an online game, where do you start?

The first step

In any artistic venture, it is vital that you have a detailed plan of action.

Before you dream of your game’s design, you must first clearly define the direction in which you wish your game to go.

The second step

Develop your prototype. Your dream, although vital, will only get you so far. You still need to put ideas into action. Determine the structure and basis of your game, and then develop a plan which you can execute.

The third step

Although coding is vital and it will essentially form the bedrock of the development of your game, HTML 5 game developers now realise that becoming too obsessed with the technical side, rather than the overall conceptual feel of a game is often quite limiting and leads to what is, ultimately, a poor outcome.

The fourth step

The release – the greatest stage of online game development. The hard work is done and the vast amount of man hours have all led to the point where your game can be published and shared with potential gamers. There has never been more opportunities to publish online games. As detailed by Syracuse, online games are making constant headway in the publishing world.

What is important is not to believe the development process is over. Having finished a rudimentary version of your game, allow gamers to test, find bugs and find faults in your game, in order to improve it. Publishing ready-to-play games on sites such as can be hugely beneficial to your development process.

When undertaking the difficult task of creating a successful online game, follow these simple instruction and watch the development process become an easy endeavour.

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