Advantages and disadvantages of buying a readily Built house

Advantages and disadvantages of buying a readily Built house

If real estate Bhubaneswar is taking gigantic leap today, it is because of the investments made by the companies coming into the city like TCS, Wipro and Infosys to establish its operations. This development has lead to the increase in income of a lot of people and the demand for residential properties has gone up in the last few years.

All the people who have migrated from various cities across the country to Bhubaneswar are on the watch out for the ideal residential properties. Buying a property is not an easy task. First of all the buyer has to decide what kind of residential property he or she wants to invest in. If they are choosing readily built property over buying a plot and then constructing a house then they have to study and research about such projects before investing. Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of buying a readily built property mentioned below.


  • When it comes to pre constructed houses, the buyer has an option of making customizations to the property which is a major plus point.
  • In ready to occupy homes, most of the works are completed and the buyer need not even move a finger to get things done.
  • In today’s time the ready to occupy properties have a lot of modern amenities like a kitchen which acts as an eat in etc.
  • There is a huge benefit financially for a buyer when it comes to pre constructed homes because there is bare minimum of maintenance work involved. With all the new appliances and fixtures being installed the pre constructed homes remain repair free for a long period of time.
  • All the newly built ready to occupy houses are built using energy efficient materials which ultimately results in lesser amounts of utility bills.
  • Another important pro of a just built house is that it uses all the latest technologies during the construction. Ultra modern kitchens, alarms, lights, security systems etc are used to ensure that the home looks attractive and at the same time remains safe.
  • When moving into a newly built house, even the smell of the new house is a luxury for the buyer. 


  • One of the most referred disadvantages of buying a newly built house is that it comes with a heavy or huge price which is some times more than twenty percent of comparable homes which exist in the market.
  • All the technologies and modern amenities used during the construction add up to the price of a ready to occupy property. This result in a price tag which is far more than you intended.
  • Many of the new projects by builders that offer the buyer ready to occupy houses are constructed mostly far away from the city. And if you are one of the few people to buy a house here then you will have to live in midst of construction for a long time until the whole project is completed.
  • The Architectural details in a new home are a lot lesser than what is present in the old existing properties.
  • Most of the newly built homes are built on plots that are mostly smaller in size. So if you are someone who prefer a back yard or a garden etc while buying a house you might not get what you desire.

So before investing in a newly built property there are a number of factors related to lifestyle that needs to be considered. After all buying a home is a onetime investment for many.

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