6 Ways to Increase Your Daily Activity

With your busy work and home life, it seems impossible to devote five minutes to exercising. We feel your pain. In this increasingly demanding world, working out just doesn’t seem like a commitment that you can schedule into your day.

However, instead of trying to schedule a workout around your routine, turn your routine into a workout.

Exercise Before Work

Schedule a workout at the same time every morning. Wake up early enough to exercise and still have plenty of time to eat breakfast, shower, and other parts of your normal routine. A low or moderate intensity workout sparks the energy that you need to kick start your productivity. Avoid doing exercises that require too much effort. You will feel a lot of energy at first, but gradually feel fatigued.

Take the Long Route

Leave your house a few minutes early to walk or bike to work. Try to add a bit of intensity by jogging to work or increasing your biking speed.

Swim with Your Children

Purchase your child some nice swimwear, to get them more excited by the swimming process. Use Carter’s coupons to find something cute and affordable for your little one. Teach them to swim to burn calories, and to have fun with your children. Moderate swimming can burn between 600 and 800 calories per hour, which makes it the perfect activity for children and adults.

Walk Your Pets Longer

Let your dog explore the neighborhood. He gets to satisfy his curiosity, and you get to burn more calories and increase your daily physical activity. You both win.

Increase Household Chores

Burn calories simply by cleaning your house. A thorough cleaning of any room requires a lot of stretching, bending, twisting, and climbing. It pushes your body out of its comfort zone.

Start by picking the room that needs the most work, and then move throughout your home from most work to least work. By the time you’re done, you’ll have a cleaner home and finished an intense workout.

Stand at Your Desk

Ditch the chair for a few days out of the week, or a couple hours every day. Combine this with an increase in daily activity by taking short walks during your lunch break.

Buy a Fitness Game or App

Watch less TV and play more games. Nintendo invented Wii Fit for the purpose of getting people to workout and play games. Invite friends over to turn the game into a competition. The competitive nature may push you to perform better and not quit.

Android and Apple smartphones both offer a variety of exercise based game apps, such as  Zombies, Run and Adventure Run.

Get moving now that you have these suggestions.

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