A head start on decluttering

A head start on decluttering

Although we have all talked about decluttering our homes, keeping control of what comes in and out can be a large task. However here are some ideas that can make decluttering feel more manageable and get you to reset your space ready for the next season:
Before you start, try and decide what area you want to declutter. It will feel like an impossible task if you choose your whole home, therefore once you have an area in mind you should be able to choose a decluttering concept that works for the space.

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Donating clothes or toys is well known to be an eco-friendly concept and a great way to execute this is by using the ‘three box method.’ Using three large cardboard or plastic boxes, label them ‘keep,’ ‘donate’ and ‘throw out.’ That way, as you declutter you are also organising too, making you aware about what you really need and what you could live without.

Some simpler pieces of advice to boost productivity when decluttering is splitting it into bite size chunks. Although you will not want to spread out this job too much as it can be messy, giving yourself an hour’s break can be the key to decluttering efficiency. Another idea is to plan your day using a checklist, this can feel rewarding and give a sense of achievement.

It is common that when you spend a lot of time living somewhere you lose awareness of your surroundings, therefore bringing a friend or relative in to help can lead to a successful declutter! They will be able to point out items that you may have forgotten were ever there, coming in with a neutral perspective.

Something simple you can do that is ongoing is the ‘one in one out’ rule. This concept is especially useful with items such as décor, for example, if you buy a new pillow for your lounge area, there is likely to be a pillow that you have outgrown and could throw out.

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If you are guilty of a bit of hoarding, or just have too much ‘stuff’ that you cannot throw away then there are alternatives. A self-storage unit can be the perfect way to declutter your home. These can vary in size, but the action of moving your items from your home to a storage unit can give you an opportunity to sort through things and put them into allocated boxes.

Self-Storage Swindon https://www.anchorselfstorage.co.uk/self-storage/swindon/ is a great example of a business that can keep your home decluttered, a worthwhile purchase!

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