A clean sweep

A clean sweep

Finding the right cleaning company may take some research as you will want to find the best fit as quickly as possible. A professional cleaning service will know exactly what their customers needs are and be fully prepared to fulfil that obligation. Good communication from the start is essential and this communication should be nurtured by the company right through to the end of the contract. For Commercial Cleaning Belfast, visit http://www.maccleanni.com/

A great service involves adapting to your customers needs and routines, so flexibility is something that a customer will truly value. As a customer, you also don’t want a company to make promises to you that it cannot follow through on. There is not much worse than being let down at the last minute, especially with a service as important as cleaning.

Another thing to consider is the quality, experience and training of its staff. Whether or not the individuals have had a DBS clearance might be high on your list of requirements. You may wish to find out what products will be used and request eco-friendly substances which will benefit your health and the cleaner’s.

You may also want to check that the company has all relevant insurance, certificates and licenses to give you extra peace of mind.

A clean sweep

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Other things to consider asking about may include:

  • Technique – you may have equipment and furniture that requires more than just a quick dusting. It might require specialist methods or materials.
  • Delicacy – using the wrong product on some materials can be very damaging as can cleaning some things too hard.
  • Professionalism – cleaners should provide the same high standards regardless of size of office.
  • Urgency – if a clean is being performed early in the morning, then it will need to finished promptly so as not to disrupt the working day.
  • Experience – a seasoned cleaner will know how to deal with certain accidents or incidents without fuss and leaving mess behind.
  • Approach – different areas will require a different approach and a good cleaner will know how to adapt.
  • Honesty – a cleaner may have access to valuable equipment or sensitive information and may even see personal effects such as wallets and phones. Being able to trust your clean implicitly is extremely important.

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