Colleague, have you seen my SEO?

Colleague, have you seen my SEO?

You have been working on the Optimization for Search engines of your website since time immemorial. You have always taken special care not to exceed the diffuse line that divides White SEO from the feared and innumerable Blackhat. Your website occupied relatively good posts and you received an acceptable volume of visits … but one day you get up and at the moment you do not appear in the search results … But if yesterday you were there, you are sure … this seems like a nightmare … you do not remember for sure done nothing to cause this catastrophe … what could have happened To be able to throw a little light on this matter you call your webmaster and ask him colleague, have you seen my SEO?

Your colleague explains to you that an evil being who attends the name of El Pingüino has ruined all your efforts … has taken all your positions and everything left cold in its wake but, why you? What have you done wrong?

You, who care for its content, keep it fresh and attractive. You know that you follow Google’s Guidelines for Webmasters, avoid duplicities, polish those broken links that occasionally stay in limbo … what do you have to do now? Suddenly a vague memory comes to mind … yes, you remember it better, you wanted to position at all costs this criterion so competitive that you resisted, you had tried everything and one fine day, surfing the internet, a proposal came to you miraculous linkbuilding, everything seemed correct, it was to get a good number of incoming links from pages of varied nature, all aimed at reinforcing your long-awaited keyword, exactly that, with the same term, you would not be another, not even a slight variation. Up to here perfect, You paid for the service promised and in a matter of a few days, you rose like foam, coming to appear in a very advanced position … You did not fit in you for joy … I got it! I’m the best!

But you did not count on the cunning of the Mountain View, who have been working behind these and other antispam practices for a long time, so friend, the power of the Penguin has been implacable, you have not been able to escape his deadly blow …

Fortunately for you, the great Google is merciful, if you amend your error and show sincere repentance, he will attend to your pleas and will take you back into his bosom. For this it is necessary that you send a reconsideration request, explaining what happened and swearing again and again that it will not happen again.

And remember, do not ever fall into the temptation to commit acts against their doctrine … because your patience has a limit and revenge could be terrible. Have you suffered in your flesh the passage of the Penguin? What steps have you taken for Google to respond to your request? Have you managed to see your SEO again?

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